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Wifi WEP Issue

Posted by ursabubo 
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Wifi WEP Issue
May 18, 2011 11:23AM
I have Elive 2.0 Live running on a USB drive and wish to install to my laptop. However, I cannot get the it to connect to my wifi network. It shows the correct wifi card, it sees the network, I enter the right WEP key but after about 2 minutes of trying to connect it fails. Any advice would be appreciated.
Re: Wifi WEP Issue
May 18, 2011 01:57PM
Ok I have found some further information. I need to be able have Network Connector recognize and use WEP Shared. Currently it shows HEX and has no option to change that. Any info would be appreciated as my google-fu has failed me thus far. Thanks.
Re: Wifi WEP Issue
May 18, 2011 06:14PM
If it still wont work after upgrading the system I fear its a drivers Problem or a Bug inside Network Connector.
Besides that: WEP is insecure! You should NOT USE IT! You may switch to WPA.
Also, since there was little or no Development in Elive for about one Year (yes, 12 Month!) I cannot recommend it as a reliable, secure System.

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Re: Wifi WEP Issue
May 18, 2011 09:57PM
I do understand that WEP is more of a perceived security than real security however this is for an internet only guest access network. I use it for some older devices which do not support WPA or WPA2. I am trying to connect to it rather than my internal network as I do not want my firewall and monitoring system to freak out when this machine starts doing updates. It may seem lazy, but I simply do not want to bother with writing rules for that when I can spend that time fixing functionality on the laptop that will have to be fixed inevitably anyway.
Re: Wifi WEP Issue
May 19, 2011 02:14AM
My desktop has a USB wifi stick that will connect to open/shared wireless networks. But once I try to connect to the wifi that uses WEP, it will refuse to connect even if the signal is good (it is a half-supported rt2870 and warning messages appear about the driver still in staging). This is when I use network connector 0.3 rev 7 on Topaz. Since there are no open wifi where I live, I had to use a workaround: my laptop connects easily to the wifi, WEP and all (thank you Fedora14), and I have an ethernet cable coming out of that to a cheap used router that has another eth cable going into the desktop. So now the laptop is sharing its connection to my desktop.
Re: Wifi WEP Issue
May 19, 2011 03:06AM
Well at this point I think I am just ready to give up on eLive all together. I am going to go back to using *buntu + E17+Compiz... I was hoping to not have to spend hours working through getting all of the nifty module eLive has by default, but I would rather do that than spend days trying to force eLive to support WEP-Shared when *buntu does it by default... Its no offense to eLive really, most Debian systems have the same issue. And as I have been told by many that the solution is "don't use WEP" I am just over it. The issue is, this laptop goes onsite with me to repair systems and such which requires the ability to join any wireless network, including WEP. This is another reason I have a WEP based guest access on my home network. I needed something immune to viruses and not stupid expensive **cough.cough.Mac.cough.cough** So back to *buntu I go...

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Re: Wifi WEP Issue
May 19, 2011 05:56AM
Well, Thanatermsis worked hard to really annoy and fuck things up.

There are lots of GNU/Linux Distributions that will fit your needs! hot smiley

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