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Resolution problem with live mode

Posted by kelevra_it 
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Resolution problem with live mode
November 26, 2012 05:45AM

i've a problem with a live mode using a resolution like 1920x1080. ( the same used in m$ windows )

I have tried to use also the "Automatic" mode and anyone resolution works fine.

The error is "out of range" by the monitor.

Any idea ?

Re: Resolution problem with live mode
December 02, 2012 12:25AM
Any help ? emosmile
Re: Resolution problem with live mode
January 13, 2013 11:01AM
Could be a bad (or no) EDID coming from the monitor - that's the problem I have on my system. Live systems without persistent storage always need tweaking to get full resolution on my screen. I haven't tried the elive iso yet, but what works for me in other distros is to copy a valid xorg.conf for my monitor to /etc/X11, then restart X.