2.1.23 Initial Remarks
January 13, 2013 08:47PM
2.1.23 Alpha is looking great. I had some sound-related issues that were cleared up by the audio configurator, the only remaining one was getting my USB videocam's microphone to function during the test call on Skype. If I would have spent more time I think I could have resolved it.

Kdenlive was installed via Synaptic as I ran Elive from a USB key (just to see) and worked with my connected video camera. KDE apps look like crap at the moment, but I was thrilled to see updated applications throughout the system.

I really wanted to like Bodhi on my AMD APU system, but I think I like this better, even at alpha:

*only three repos instead of a dozen or more on Bodhi, just to get the software I want.
*Related to the above, the system is useful out-of-the-box, rather than all the work required to get Bodhi up to speed.
*I can select text size from the initial help screens, nice!
*Very fast and pretty. A lot of the little touches make this a very credible alternative to Windows and Mac.

Thanks to you devels for the hard work. Wow.