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Posted by martinr 
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January 14, 2013 07:51AM
with new live-cd version 2.1 I can't establish internet-connection with 3G-Modem with my portuguese provider kanguru.pt, let it be with costumed APN (myconnection), let it be alterated (kanguru-portatil), let it be blank, what works at the moment at opensuse12.2
By the way, this zenith-installer does not give a lot of choices, what about including networkmanager-applet, what seems to be most effective in the moment?
Tried it with wvdial, but I don't remember well how to do this: angry
Anyway, nice to see Agust here also, after charming experiences with his themes in bodhi and lately in opensuse!

Re: 3G-Modem-dialup
January 14, 2013 06:17PM
Hi Martinr , Thank you for your kind words, for many years I've been here (Elive is different.....) meditate.

Right now I'm pretty busy, but do not worry we will try to solve your problem.

You are welcome.up

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