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portable os from usb

Posted by ajasei 
portable os from usb
January 27, 2014 09:17PM
Can we install Elive to usb flash drive, so I can use Elive with any computer as long as I boot from my flash drive?

Not just live-usb but entire system on flash drive?
Please help me with detail instruction if this is possible..
Thank you
Re: portable os from usb
September 29, 2014 04:58AM
Nope, just because of a simple reason: you will kill your USB in 2 weeks due to the writes that a normal OS does on it.

The new USB structure now saves network configurations, which is a pretty nice feature added emosmile
Re: portable os from usb
January 12, 2018 11:56AM
When can we expect the persistent live USB image please ... to create a persistent Linux to carry around, its been mentioned a bit but nothing as yet, the last beta was still not persistent Limited Liability partnership Registration In India
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