new user - or not
August 09, 2014 09:47AM
Hi everyone. I just created this user to let you know what I think/feel about elive.
I fell in love with Enlightenment more than 10 years ago. Since many life events make me reinstall linux every now and then, and most distros don't have it by default, I've spent a long time without using it. Now, choosing a distro to re-install, elive seemed to be quite promising in allowing me to go back to use enlightenment.
So, I download the iso and boot it up. Everything looks fine. I try to install, it asks for a code to which I must either donate money or write an article.
Re: new user - or not
August 09, 2014 09:54AM
You see, I have nothing against donating money to good software that I use. But since I haven't installed it and configured it the way I like it yet, I don't know if I'll keep using it. I won't donate money unless I'm sure that I will keep using the distro. So I get a bit disappointed.
But it's a live CD, so I can still try it and see if it will work for me or not, right? I can try it for a while and, if everything is fine, I donate money and complete the installation.
Now, I'm not a very demanding user. Even though I've graduated in computer science, develop for a living and work in the network security industry, I usually don't do any of these at home. My software requirements are few, although not coming as default in the hundreds of linux distros out there.
Re: new user - or not
August 09, 2014 10:02AM
The very basic I need is:
Re: new user - or not
August 09, 2014 10:05AM
Re: new user - or not
August 09, 2014 10:30AM
(able to play
Re: new user - or not
August 09, 2014 10:35AM
you tube
Re: new user - or not
August 09, 2014 10:38AM
and facebook videos), dropbox, office (libre or open, mostly for spreadsheet), truecrypt, wikidpad, skype, a skype call recorder.
Truecrypt and wikidpad run standalone, so no big deal. Skype can be tricky, but it's already there. Dropbox and Flash plugin can be tricky too.

I try to browse you tube using firefox, considering that I Can use it as a substitute for chromium. The videos play, but the thumbnails aren't displayed.... weird. I try to play songs in, it doesn't work.
Let me try to install chromium then. I open Synaptic and do a search, it's not there. Maybe I need to update. I click on "reload", it doesn't update the packages, it gives me the strange message "Could not resolve '' ". I try to ping that server from that machine, and from another machine, it's like the name never existed. I conclude that either the latest live ISO has outdated domain names in it, which is very strange, or that the domain name doesn't exist but an IP will be added to my resolv.conf (or something like that) when I successfully install elive, which is disappointing. Not being able to refresh is very frustrating. Not being able to install chrome is too.
Seeing and interacting with such a beautiful and friendly live-CD of elive and not being able to evaluate if it will really work for me is very very disappointing.
Ok, that's enough for now, I think to myself. Time to move on, let's try this SparkyLinux.

I hope this post helps elive maintainers to fix whatever problems are necessary and that you get more users. You seem to be doing a very fine job, apart from my own difficulties. up


P.S.: no need to reply to me, I'm moving on and not looking back, although in the future when again I need to reinstall my linux I might consider elive again. wink For now, I won't come back to this forum to check for replies, so...... :/

P.S.2: I tried to post all of this as a single message, but "A word you have used in your post has been banned from use. Please use a different word or contact the forum administrators.". It would be nice if I knew what word is that, I had so much trouble to find out that "you tube" (together) is banned.... and why is it banned anyway? (facepalm)