New innovation
May 14, 2018 02:06AM
I've been trying to build my own, but I'm not as talented as you people wink

System that can be installed headless, on hardware or on a VM.

The install DHCP configures itself and presents the installer on a particular port (via broadway).

A windows app, or browser plugin scans the DHCP subnet for the port and brings up the webpage to continue the install. Setup LDAP/Domain authentication.

Once complete, the system used via SSL/HTML5 from that point onwards.

Commercial market: Windows RDP/Terminal server/Citrix.

RDP/Terminal Server/HTML5/GTK apps, via the browser, all behind a standard web interface that needs no more than a browser to access.

Personally, I'm just trying to build a lightweight VM that I can run virt-manager for my KVM cluster, access the ILO ports on the servers and the brocade switch via Java...
I've got the virt-manager bit working via GTK broadway, I'm failing to get a DT environment that I can run the java/webstart apps on top of, to present via broadway.

I've put in 100+ hours into this test environment so far, including all the targetcli stuff, if everyone was happy using the cli, I'd be finished...

Wish this stuff was what I was being taught in uni, but all I got was IBM Smalltalk and Turbo Pascal.

I've looked and looked, it doesn't seem like anyones done this before, so maybe this is something worthwhile, or maybe its a waste of time.