Payment for Elive
October 03, 2017 06:23PM
Over the years I have downloaded various releases and contributed to Elive in download fees and crowd funding. I appreciate what the developers are doing and for sticking with it.

The reason I do not actually use Elive is because I do not really feel comfortable with the window manager and from memory I had some problems that it was 386 based.

From reading the forum and other reviews I think one of the problems is that with all the 'free to download' distributions available it is obviously difficult to get people to pay a download fee.

I have not checked recently how the crowd funding is going but I suspect, not well.

Today I see that you are now offering to custom build a distribution for $100.00.

Would it have been better to include this in your crowd funding. For xxx dollars you get a personalised edition......, xx licences, corporate logo.........

There are several distributions that provide free and paid releases that include free and paid support. They have been around for years and have obviously survived.

Perhaps you just need to be a bit more up front and just state that old release are free and new ones are $xxx. All this messing around with installer codes and so on I thinks tends to annoy people. At least users could try the older versions and see if they like it.

I really do wish you well.

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