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Obfuscated install procedure

Posted by Yop 
Obfuscated install procedure
February 11, 2018 06:36AM
I use the USB image on a dual boot laptop : 7 and Lube_untu. Language is french.

After reading lots of funny sentences quite well translated, I reached a dialog box asking me to pay for the install. I already payed at the download. Maybe sending a code would be interesting ? Then after introducing the code on the webpage, you might summarize : "You already payed X for the hosting, thanks. Please give a little more for the dev." or something alike. BTW, there is no obvious way to give nothing. I mean closing the browser frame is not obvious. Maybe is it intended ? Like for the download, you might work with a key : "You want to install for free ? OK give me your email and I'll send you a key when I think about it.". I understand that coding the website means less time to code for the OS. Seeing someone else on IRC with the same problem motivated me to talk about it.

Then I have a weird help box appearing. It explains stuffs about wiping my hard drive, multiboot and virtualization (not sure that what was written is actually true), etc. This scared me because I didn't expected it was only an help. It really looked like I would wipe my HDD when I wanted to keep my partitions untouched. The next step is not much more reassuring but I understood that the install procedure was on the good part.

So the software saw my Lube_untu partition and suggested me some changes. No way to go back if I made a wrong choice (example: I forgot to switch on the support for PCMCIA). I removed useless packages and rebooted.

And now it stops : GRUB is broken now. It can't find my hard drive or something alike.
So I rebooted on the key and here I am. I made a post here : [bugs.elivecd.org]

BTW, there is no HTTPS when typing passwords on these websites. Firefox complains. emosmile

This is my $0.02, hoping this might help someone. If I have more info, I'd add it to this tread.
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