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More customizable Entangle?

Posted by hxcobd 
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More customizable Entangle?
October 23, 2007 04:18PM
I've noticed that Entangle doesn't always list all installed applications..... For example, VLC and gnotepad+ don't appear on the list.

How would I add these to iBar or Favorites otherwise?

Also, is there a way to manually add applications to Entangle?
Re: More customizable Entangle?
October 26, 2007 09:24PM
This will regenerate all installed applis and you will see them in "generated menus"

Ubuntu is a very old african word, to say :
"I can't understand my Debian..."
Re: More customizable Entangle?
October 27, 2007 06:27PM
Thanks a bunch, mon. Used e17genmenu, and it did add a few of my newer apps to entangle.

However, still a few questions:

1.) Audacity doesn't have a valid icon, just the Elive symbol. How do I add/change its icon?
2.) A few programs (LMMS, Reborn) still weren't added with e17genmenu. Anything else I can do?
3.) Is there any way to remove items from entangle altogether? There are still icons for programs I removed weeks ago!