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Where is a *dated* changelog, version numbers, etc.

Posted by graffen 
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Where is a *dated* changelog, version numbers, etc.
October 31, 2007 04:08PM

With Wal-Mart's announcement (U.S.-based retailer) that they are selling $200 desktop machines with Debian-based Linux desktop distributions, I am sure many people's curiosity will follow my own, which is to learn about E16/E17 and then onto the Elive distribution.

Which lead me to this forum.

However, where is a dated changelog? I see a list of changes, but it isn't dated which I think is surely something people want to know. Questions such as is the distro actively updated, which version should I look for to download, etc. Perhaps the lack of dates on any info is the most troubling thing for me personally.

Your help much appreciated in guidance on this -- thanks!