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Local network

Posted by Thib 
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Local network
December 17, 2007 09:40PM

I juste have installed Elive and i already love it. I have just one, stupid, question. How can I browse the shared folder of my others computer on the local network? I'm sure I've miss one damn icon...

Re: Local network
January 28, 2008 05:58AM
how it is connected to Ur PC ? well iv trying now about weak unstable version hmn its nice distro.. but something wrong with her then i try setup Internet sharing for my second PC if type all what i need my manual statics ip using iptables then second PC tries get connection elive goes mad and disconnects all connections at all it just messes all setups.. and its weird that normally my Slackware shows eth0(main) and eth1 elive shows eth2(main) and eth1.. so its terrible i cannot get any connections to my second PC without losing main connection to Internet .... dont know whats problems I'm not so skilled..

With Slackware are all ok.

add. iv tried to do that with unsupported Ethernet card.. so with other, now all OK

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Re: Local network
January 28, 2008 06:47AM

Thib, is-it Windows shared ?

If yes, you can download, install and use smb-browser : [students.ou.edu]