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Help. Installing new apps.

Posted by Boo2themoon 
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Help. Installing new apps.
July 28, 2007 04:01AM
Firstly let me say what a great job has been done with this little Gem. I am completely new to the Linux world but still managed to install Elive on an empty hard drive and be up and surfing in about 30 mins!

I am using e17 and it looks and works fantastic too. However I am a little green when it comes to installing and configuring new software so here is my problem.

Using Synaptic, I downloaded and installed a package called Planner (project management software). All went well and the package was installed automatically. I then clicked upon the desktop to call up the "start" menu but it was not listed. I then looked at the ibar to see if a short cut had been placed there, but no joy there either. So I called up the file manager and eventually found a file called planner in usr/bin. Clicking on this launched the application, fantastic!

Now I need to add it to the menu system or create a shortcut to it. I have tried right clicking on the executable file and choosing send to Desktop (create link) but this did nothing, I also tried dragging the icon from the open application window into the ibar but it tells me I don't have a matching application file, but I don't understand what this means.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

Once again congratulations on this beautiful distro.
Re: Help. Installing new apps.
July 29, 2007 10:13AM
There are several ways to launch the program now that you have it installed. You can hit Alt+Esc and it will open up a run dialogue box. Next type first few letters of the applications name and it will appear there.

>Once you have the program up and running you can easily add an icon by right clicking on the top window border and choose create icon.
>Next click in the blank area under the Icon field
>Navigate to the location of the icon,which may be in /usr/share/"directoryforapplication"(it's best if you locate the icon before hand to speed up this process)
>Click Apply

-Next you'll need to run entangle...it is located in Elpanel-Look and Feel-E16/E17-Entangle, Icons and Menus Manager

You can also run it from Alt+Esc

-Now choose whether you want the icon in your Favorites, iBar or Engage. We'll choose Favorites for now.

-Click the field that best applies to the application
-Scroll through the icons on the far right for your desired application and drag and drop it into place.

Middle click will remove an icon from it's currently designated area.


-Then Have fun with Elive

A healthy diet includes, Linux, Linux and more Linux.
Re: Help. Installing new apps.
July 30, 2007 09:02PM
Thanks bryanstein for your clear newbie friendly reply. It was just what I needed!

I love being able to launch an app quickly using Alt+Esc and it is now my preferred method.

However I didn't have much luck creating an icon as the first step for this "add an icon by right clicking on the top window border and choose create icon" launches the eap editor and upon clicking the icon opens another window asking me to select a file. I was unable to navigate to the icon as it would only allow me to open user documents, the file ".." was there but it was overlaid on top of the documents folder and it would not open.

I tried logging in as root and tried again but a warning dialog box came up saying something like "This is very bad and there maybe a problem with enlightenment and I should try and restart the system". I then retried as a user but the same thing happened.

Since then I have added a new package called qcad. This time I was able to drag the icon from the window border and drop it in to the ibar. Also, I was able to use Entangle to add it to my favorite list, Fantastic! So maybe there is a compatibility issue here (I'm using e17) or maybe it is the user LOL. Either way I'm having fun.
Thanks again for your reply.
Re: Help. Installing new apps.
July 31, 2007 12:48AM

You should actually find the icon in Thunar BEFORE you create the .eap or choose create icon. Where is the icon located? Some progs put them in /usr/share/icons as well. The thing about the eap editor is that it doesn't highlight the file that you select once you click on it. Just click and then choose ok to select the icon and it will appear under the icon field.

Find the icon first...click on the window again...create icon...once the select icon window is open you need to use the folder with the two little ".." below it to move up the directory tree.

So it'll start you off in /home/Boo2themoon...click the little dot twice and it will take you to the / directory...navigate to the directory where you KNOW the icon is...click on it(remember you get to visual confirmation it is being selected)...click ok.

Then set your hair on fire and run up and down the street yelling, "I created an icon!"

A healthy diet includes, Linux, Linux and more Linux.
Re: Help. Installing new apps.
August 05, 2007 07:15AM
About icons, a lot off times you find icons from the installed apps in:

Also you could download little .png icons and
use them for it be aware it should be .png files, otherwise it won't work (jet?).

bryanstein thanks for the Alt+Esc method (to quick open app) like that one!
Re: Help. Installing new apps.
August 06, 2007 10:34AM
... icons...
it seems I found a jpeg icon for vlc, and renamed it vlc.eap - placed it in /home/user/.engage/icons - and it worked fine (still had to 'install it' normally to make it work)

with entangle - when I right click to move an icon - it usually crashes

yes - alt esc is fast ez way to run an app

it's looking grrreeat so far!

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Re: Help. Installing new apps.
August 06, 2007 11:08AM
I don't remember saying anything about right clicking...yes it does crash it's middle click to remove an icon and left click to add.


A healthy diet includes, Linux, Linux and more Linux.
Re: Help. Installing new apps.
August 07, 2007 11:52AM
is there an easy way to middle click on a laptop...

ok - right click exits .. funny .. lol
Re: Help. Installing new apps.
August 07, 2007 02:29PM
What kind of laptop do you have ? If you press the left and right button down at the same time then that is the equivalent of a middle click. Maybe your laptop has 2 sets of buttons...one above and below the trackpad. Press either set at the same time and you'll have a middle click. Test it out with text...highlight text from the browser and then try the middle click to paste in the shell or something, BTW ...that right click was a crash...the new E is much more stable even though it's in the test repo.

A healthy diet includes, Linux, Linux and more Linux.
Re: Help. Installing new apps.
August 14, 2007 01:20AM
Thanks for all the advice, sorry about the late reply but I'm still recovering from creating an icon wink
Re: Help. Installing new apps.
August 16, 2007 04:16PM
Re: Help. Installing new apps.
September 16, 2007 08:05PM
For those with laptops: If you are having trouble with the "middle click" try Ctrl + Left CLick and/or Function + Left CLick. One of these will usually work.
Re: Help. Installing new apps.
September 16, 2007 11:54PM
For find back installed apps , you can use e17genmenu in a xterm it generates a quick menu inside your menu but mostly only those who are newly stalled in usr/bin.
Re: Help. Installing new apps.
September 17, 2007 08:27AM
Got something crazy going on now. I added 2 items to the iBar (Sunbird & Skype) However they don't actually appear on the iBar. When I open entangle it shows them being there, but they dont show up on the actual iBar. I have restated E and the PC now, but no change. Any ideas??
Re: Help. Installing new apps.
September 17, 2007 05:10PM
Most likely something went wrong while you made the icons for example I remembered when I started sunbird for the 1sth time and wanted to make an icon in the executable Gecko was already filled in wich should be sunbird, also with Skype I use another version than those delivered by Skype website and also with the executable on another place than in /usr/bin/ so if I make an icon it has to be checked that it is pointed to the right executable.