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Mounting Devices...

Posted by rudikuin 
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Mounting Devices...
January 27, 2008 07:13PM
Hi all;

I've partitioned the HD of my laptop into 3 partitions and a swap.

HDA1= / or Root; 10 Gb

HDA2= /home 6,5; Gb

HDA3= seperate partition, still unused; 10Gb

SWAP= 2,5; Gb.

Now I'd like to use HDA3 to put all my MP3-files (+/- 8Gb) on, so I could use XMMS to play the files from this seperate partition...

But I don't seem to get access to this partition, hmmmm I don't know why and how, so some help will be appreciated very much.

Best, Ruud Kuin

Re: Mounting Devices...
January 27, 2008 08:06PM

right click on the desktop and choose Utilities from the menu. Then choose Partition Manager from that sub menu. That will open "GParted" and you will have a visual representation of all the partitions that elive can see. It might just be that you need to format the partition with a file system that elive can read. If you have more than one disk there is a drop down menu in the upper right hand corner of GParted that you can switch disks with.

I have a similar set up and I use RieserFS and it works great.

Good luck. emosmile