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Posted by sonnyo 
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February 23, 2008 12:05PM
So gathering from what I have tried & what I have read, then anything I 'install' from synaptic I still have to go to the usr/bin and find the program & open it from there??
To get it into the menu is next to impossible for some one new to Elive (the entangle part does not seem to work & does not give all the choices I saw described earlier.
Please tell me this ain't so! This is the second version of Elive I have downloaded, I really would like to use this program. I love the E-16, but I also need other programs I can easily access.
Thank you for any help you can give me.
Re: synaptic
February 24, 2008 02:51AM
You could ALT + ESC to bring up the Run dialogue box and then type in the name of the program.

Or do the same from a Terminal.

I use Engage to launch my commonly used programs. If you can't find the program you want to add to Engage from Entangle then add some other program. Save it. Then Right-Click on it's icon on your Engage bar and select Icon Options > Edit Icon.

It's the long way round, I know, but from this screen you can add the name of the program you really want to run.



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