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Install Elive without format /home partition

Posted by jmnavarre 
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Install Elive without format /home partition
March 03, 2008 01:06AM
I would like to know if you have been tray of install Elive in a debian previous installation.

I was traying of install Elive in my current partition table hda1 (/), hda6 (/home), hda8 (mnt/other) but Elive demand to format the /home partition. If you don`t select install /home partition, Elive create the /home inside the hda1 (of course), but after it, you can not to see the hda6 partition, only I can to see the hda8 partition without any problem.

I would like to know if somebody was traying a similar installation process.

Thanks in advance,
Re: Install Elive without format /home partition
March 05, 2008 06:41AM
ok this is what u can do install elive without setting a home partition, this means on the / system your user account will go there, how after u install elive, edit /etc/fstab and add
"/dev/hda6 /home auto defaults, auto 0 2"
NOTE!!! while installing the user name and the password must be the same of the user name in hda6 ok. good luck.
Re: Install Elive without format /home partition
March 14, 2008 01:00AM
PrinceAMD, thank you very much by your collaboration. Your indication works perfectly.

Of course, that considering that I had a gnome desktop previously installed in my debian, when I enter the /home with the username and password, the interface of Elive don't look the same as the default, but I imagine that in this point I'll need to do customization in the Enlightenment to have a similar default interface when you install from zero.