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Sync with mobile phones.

Posted by Boo2themoon 
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Sync with mobile phones.
August 14, 2007 01:58AM
Is there a way to sync data like to-do lists, contacts, calender and notes etc?

I use a Nokia series 40 dumb phone and Outlook on Windows to supplement my little grey cells. But as I get closer to ditching Windows completely I need to find an alternative.

Suggestions anyone?

Thanks in advance,

Re: Sync with mobile phones.
August 15, 2007 12:49AM
Having searched around for a sync solution, it appears that there isn’t one. Not really!
There is software like jpilot if you have a Palm device and there are a few alpha/beta programs around, but they limited in there device support and seem very complicated to get working.

This is not the fault of Linux it’s more to do with the device manufactures not supporting the Linux platform.

However for those of you who need to sync and backup their phones and do not want to use Windows/Outlook there is a way and a very simple way too.


Ok here is the rub, its web2 based so you need to be online. While the Mobical service is completely free, it will cost you mobile data rates when you sync. Here in the UK this is not too expensive as mobile operators like Vodafone now charge are around 7p per mb on “pay as you go”. After the initial sync it now costs about 5p per sync. I sync once or twice a week so I’ll live with that.

On the plus side it works really well! It is accessible from any computer using any operating system and supports a vast array of phones.

Check out this video review. [www.youtube.com]

I can now sync Calender, Contacts, to-do’s and notes. I think I may now be free of Windows. WooHoo!

Hope someone finds this useful.


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