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Problems with starting Elive

Posted by Jasen 
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Problems with starting Elive
May 11, 2008 11:52PM
Hi everyone.

I installed Elive onto my machine, and it ran great. I went through some applications and was generally impressed by it.

However, this morning I booted my computer. Everything was fine until it got to a gray Elive start up screen that gave me a choice of running Elive Gem or another one underneath. I chose Elive Gem, and then it asked for a user name and password.

I entered both, and then it went into some sort of shell prompt. My user name is Heather and my computer name is GOD, so it looked like this: Heather@GOD[~}$

Not to sound like a total newb (which I am) but how do I get into the GUI operating system from there?

Thank you!