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No internet and sid repositories

Posted by areku 
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No internet and sid repositories
July 08, 2008 03:43AM
Hi!I'm new at this distribution and I love it. I've use Debian sid with GNOME for a long time and now I want to try with Elive.

I did't have any problem during installation, but when I booted up did't have Internet.

In other distributions the Ethernet works without problems but with Elive I don't have Internet. When I tipe "ifconfig -a" I only see "lo", eth0 doesn't appear. I have no idea of how configure it 'cause I've never need to configure it.

I have another question: I have a panoramic screen that Debian stable and Debian testing's Xorg not configured properly. I usually solve this upgrading to Sid 'cause the Xorg in this group set perfectly screens 1440x900 resolution. If I want to upgrade to Sid in elive, what should I do?

Thanks every one.
Re: No internet and sid repositories
July 10, 2008 09:55PM
1.st there is in this forum, a group off people, who cant have Internet why ? Search/read and make conclusions (or more directed question).

2. did You read on Elive site what packages Elive uses ONLY ? Read first.

gl. wink
Re: No internet and sid repositories
July 15, 2008 10:24PM
Do you have net interface in live mode? probably, Elive stable may has no driver for your network card, so, you can try elive 1.7.2 - it has solved the same problem with my notebook...