Why is it so SLOW?
July 08, 2008 09:44PM
I just finished installing elive on this PC here, 650Mhz, 380MB RAM, 20GB hard Drive.

It is very slow though, for some reason.....


I did partition a swap drive, I think it automatically activates it does it??

Seems like elive is slower than Kubuntu
Re: Why is it so SLOW?
July 10, 2008 09:48PM
did you tryed to login, in e16 ?
Re: Why is it so SLOW?
July 15, 2008 10:18PM
What version of elive has you installed? For example, elive 1.7.2 have service "laptop-mode", which tries to reduce power usage, even on PCs, so, after some time of idle, it will stop HDD's motor, until some process won't try to get access to disk, then it bring it back to running state... that is slow, so try to move laptop-mode from /etc/init.d/ dir and see: may be this is the solution...

by the way, there are some scripts in /etc/init.d/ that unaccessary to you: e.g. related to bluetooth, eeepc and others - just move them to another dir to get some free mem...

PS: i've installed elive 1.0.2 on very old compaq proliant 1500 server with 2x Pentium 133 processors, 128MB RAM, 3x 4.2GB HDDs and it works not so slow for that machine :D