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phone bluetooth files usb...

Posted by anu 
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phone bluetooth files usb...
July 23, 2008 12:16AM
I have sony erricson mobile phone k700i

installed elive some time ago and till now i babbling around ...i cant get files photos from it i cant call i cant write sms aww sorry but blue tooth on elive doesnt work at all (aw sorry it works but not as i need)

so another thing usb cable... it worked with kmobille tools...

still cannot do any normal file transfers with new installed obex.. and it always disconnects... though i did get a file list...

Elive is really not for green people as it is LinuxMint (that I'm installed to my sisters pc..)!
Installed mint and it found bluetooth it found usb my ericson works 100% i do file actions..Installed wammu worked like a charm, obex already preinstaled, and i did nothing more just browsed all files etc. ....I get my photos finally etc.

At this point elive just sux. Aghrr.. :(

ELIVE maintainers take a look at LINUXMINT how they make things with blue tooth. !