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Installation Fails - Cant start Live CD

Posted by ichramm 
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Installation Fails - Cant start Live CD
July 23, 2008 10:20PM

I have a problem trying to install eLive on my machine.

I have downloaded de iso image from here and burned it into a CD.

When i boot my computer from the cd drive, appears the screen to choose the language an the startup mode (i used default and fails safe)

But the system never starts, the screen becomes black and i have to push the reset button of my computer.

I tested the CD in other computers and it worked fine.

The only thing that i saw it was different is that in the top of the screen was a message saying "Invalid option in configuration file", or some thing like that

I have a...<br>
AMD 64 4000+ 2.1 Ghz,<br>
1Ghz of RAM kingston.<br>
LiteOn DVD Writer 20x<br> (burned the image using nero)
1 HD SATA 1 WD 80 GB<br>
1 HD PATA Samsung 80 GB<br>
Modem BandLuxe USB<br>
HeadPhone EuroCase USB<br>

I wish someone can help me, i really want to try eLive.
Re: Most forum users are amateurs
August 03, 2008 02:40AM
I am sorry to say that i am very disapponted about people that use linux and posts message at forums (elive, ubuntu, fedora, no matter).

I saw that people has always teh same problems, oh! my network connection dowsnt work!, i cant install vbox guest aditions! i cant mount partitions!.

This problems are very common! This is not a problem, if you are a linux user you must know how to mount a partition or give you root permission, etc.

Well, the thing is that i posted only three message in my life, one at fedore forum, one at ubuntu forum and other here, and you know what?
No one answered! No, no one.

My conclution is that a lot of people uses linux because tehy think taht they are powerfull, oh! i can install a driver compiling code! oh, to install a program i hav tu run make or a sh script!

Only a few people can say "I know linux"

Sorry my language, i am very angry and my english is not professional
Re: Most forum users are amateurs
August 10, 2008 05:08AM
And so your third post was a bunch of crap ..good for you ..I dont know linux well at all and have been looking for help ..but ya know what ..Id rather give my money to Bill Gates than deal with assholes like you ..Have a Nice Day