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My sony vaio PCG-SRX77 boots into grub

Posted by macgeek0 
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My sony vaio PCG-SRX77 boots into grub
July 24, 2008 08:07PM
Hi guys.I recently purchased a small cute sony laptop(vaio PCG-SRX77) that has been giving me more problems than its worth.I dont have the original xp/driver disks so i had no chice but to install linux -also this laptop has the bios setup protected by a password that i dont know.Anyway I managed to install ubuntu linux but the screen resolution was too small and i didnt like it.When i saw Elive i fell in love with the gui.By the way the only way i've managed to install is by removing hard drive and installing to annother older laptop that ive opened up installing from the cd drive there as this small laptop doesnt have an optical drive.Anyway everything installed well in the other laptop and upon installing the hard drive back to this one it simply boots to grub.What specific commands do i need to make this thing wow wow boot?Thanks in advance for your sugestions.