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Internet in elive

Posted by kevinmartin 
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Internet in elive
August 12, 2008 09:20PM
How do you configure internet on elive? I used the wizard from menu->config->modem connection while on the live CD and connected to the net(e16). But after installation, when i click the modem connection, nothing happens. There is no such wizard on e17. MY ISP requires me to type in a username and password to activate the net. I cant find any boxes to do this on the network configuration on control panel. Please help. Even of you dont know how to fix this, at least tell me if you have the problem or not.
I dont want the wizard, i need internet. So a how-to-configure on terminal would do. i think i must configure the pppoe thing. I have an ethernet card, for sure, since i was able to connect from the live cd. So no drivers are missing.