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Move icon location

Posted by rhomp2002 
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Move icon location
August 31, 2008 12:04PM
I would like to move the clock from top center to somewhere on the bottom of the screen. Where it is located it gets hidden whenever I have a browser or email screen open and it then becomes useless. I clicked on the clock with a left click and one of the options says move or resize. I click on that and it gets a sort of halo around it. Doesn't do anything and when I click right or left it does not move. In fact if I click right I get the option to stop move or resize. How do I get the dam*ed thing to move to the bottom of the screen so it is at least usable.
Re: Move icon location
September 11, 2008 04:59PM
These modules reside in shelfs.

You can place the shelf at another place.
Rightclick on the clock ( maybe just a littlebit beside it, just try out ) and select 'shelf...' --> configure
then you will see a dialog showing you several posibilities to place it and change the look of the shelf.

You can also create a new shelf and configure this one to contain the module or even others.

Best regards