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First Impressions

Posted by exavi 
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First Impressions
September 04, 2008 08:35PM
Hi to all,

First of all i thinks this would be a great distro!!

I tested some e17 distros into a VirtualMachine with 128 mb ram
and only Elive gem could run !!!

Okey, i install into this VM and:

.I cant use external wallpapers. hmmmm .
.Amsn never connect.
.I changed ibar with Engage,but i cant
have the icons without anything under them (they are ever into a bar).
.I try to install one .deb (crossover) and i have an error with dependences.

I think,elive have a lot of future, but still is a "children".

Any one knows if elive 2.0 is near?

Thanks a lot.
Re: First Impressions
September 20, 2009 11:48PM
2.0 is on the way

These problems should be actually fixed on a development version