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Posted by cartwright118 
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September 24, 2008 03:58AM

I'm not really having a technical problem, but I found this was the most convienient place as its not a complaint.

I downloaded ELive at the weekend, and it downloaded as 'Elive_1.0_Gem' When looking around on the DistroWatch website, I noticed there was a new release of the development one.

I'm basically just wanting to know is that version I downloaded weekend the most recent stable? and will my ELive automatically update to the new stable releases as they come one? or will I have to donate again and re-download it?

Hope to hear soon
Thanks in advance
Regards //CJ
Re: Updates
September 25, 2008 04:58AM
Gem is the latest stable release still, as readed on the info for the development version there might come a option to migrate your users configuration to the new stable release, dunno what that means praktically.
Re: Updates
October 24, 2008 01:34PM
After updating your Elive Gem you will be at the most current release of the stable version.
the newer version you see on distrowatch is of the development type, which looks much more updated from Gem, but comes at a price of stability, how ever I find it way more stable then other development versions of other distros out there. If you plan to use it for critical means, such as a business or personal with emphasis on having very important data on it, then stick with Gem.
If you want to play and have a little space to play with, you will get spoiled on the development version and as I, come back, over and over again, after trying other distributions wondering why you left.