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Last devel Elive. Impressions and problems

Posted by .ee 
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Last devel Elive. Impressions and problems
October 28, 2008 10:57AM
Hi! Thanks for this nice distro.

I have just installed last Elive development version.

I like the small fonts (which were criticized in one recent reviews of Elive)!

Unfortunatley, after installation I did not have LAN network. It was there on live CD. I guess, the tuning after installation may have removed it. The Elive tool to set the network told that
it is unplugged. I never had problems with Linuxes and my Ethernet card (Broadcom, i guess). How I get my Ethernet working?

The Atheros wifi card seems to work out of the box.
Re: Last devel Elive. Impressions and problems
October 30, 2008 06:36PM

the Ethernet card which appear to be unrecognized is actually Realtek, so it is the same problem which is discussed in a parallel thread and not solved yet.

The card worked OK with many other distros.
Now I run Linux Mint (ubuntu 8.04) on this notebook. So, the origin of the problem is a puzzle to me.