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Posted by marku 
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November 16, 2008 08:24PM
am using 1.9 beta. is autologin available?
thanks for any help.
Re: autologin
November 29, 2008 05:01AM
my solution to get autologin is as follows:

apt-get install kdm

while kdm is being installed, you will be asked if you want to use kdm instead of entrance - opt for this. You can then edit the file /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc as root to enable autologin....

Upon googleing for entrance and autologin, I found several howtos, but following them "killed" my elive-install..
Re: autologin
March 26, 2009 07:09PM
First of all, I want to say that I'm pretty sure that there is a faster way of doing this, but anyway I will explain the steps I followed to be able to autologin in Elive:

1.I opened the console and wrote #scite /etc/apt/preferences

2.I created the new file and left it like this:

Package: *

Pin: release a=testing

Pin-Priority: 650

Package: *

Pin: release a=experimental

Pin-Priority: 600

Package: *

Pin: release a=unstable

Pin-Priority: 550

3.I added the repositories Unstable and Experimental of Debian (I recommend to look for the right spelling in Google)

# scite /etc/apt/sources.list

### Experimental cl ###

deb htpp://ftp.cl.debian.org/debian/experimental main

deb-src htpp://ftp.cl.debian.org/debian/experimental main

### Unstable cl ###

deb-src htpp://ftp.cl.debian.org/debian/sid main

deb htpp://ftp.cl.debian.org/debian/sid main

4.After "apt-get update", I installed kdm #aptitude install -t experimental kdm

5.I wrote # scite /etc/kde4/kdm/kdmrc

6.I modified the file including at the end of it these lines:






AutoLoginUser=”here include the name of your user without the quotation marks”


7.I wrote #scite /etc/profile

8.I modified the file just adding the line “export XAUTHORITY=/home/Youruser/.Xauthority” (without the quotations) before unmask 022

9.I wrote #scite /etc/sudoers

10.I modified the file like this

root ALL=(ALL) ALL

myuser ALL=(ALL) ALL

11.I rebooted the system and voilà, I had in my Elive the autologin feature.

I do not know if this is correct from a geek point of view because I'm not a nerd and have no idea about computers at all. But what the hell, it just works for me!

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