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Am I missing something?

Posted by Gerry 
Am I missing something?
January 14, 2009 06:01PM
I will admit outside of a brief but terrible time with ubuntu and an HP Laptop some years back, I know very little about Linux.

I have the Live cd and am able to go through the install, but after rebooting several times successfully to finish the install, now that it is installed, it stops at:

"sdc 0:0:0:0: attached scsi disk sdb".

So I have a gparted disk that I used to find my external drive labled sd. So I removed it and my torq that the boot process seemed to halt at. I still hang at the "sdc 0:0:0:0: attached scsi disk sdb".
I am really excited about this distro and would appreciate any help getting it to work as I hope to delve more into linux and this looks like a fun way to do it.

Thanks ahead of time Gerry B.-
Grats to those with it working!
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