EeePC 901 - live mode fine(w/special settings), install mode isn't?
March 20, 2009 06:56PM
Ok. So I assumed that since there were settings for the Eee that worked really well on the live- mode.. it would be about the same on the install.

But after the install suspend usually doesn't work - or if it works, it takes a a lot longer than you should expect. But usually it simply ends up in a black screen. The boot takes a long while as well, and I get a few strange pauses and messages. Reboot frequently ends up in a black screen, and I need to hard reset - which actually doesn't work either until the state changes in some way, and a power- on eventually turns up the boot- screen again.

Is it the SDD drives and the harddrive cache, or something like that?

..Anyway - is it supposed to be exactly the same as on the live- cd, and I'm doing something wrong - or do you boot a different core altogether, with a completely different set of configuration scripts?

I honestly would've liked to know - before I wiped my existing setup.

But now that I'm at this point - does anyone have any suggestions about how to make suspend and hibernate work?

(..or maybe on how to return some useful error- messages? Apparently the swap disappears sometimes, or so Elive says. When it doesn't, the system alternates between waiting for 30 seconds before failing to restore, or else it won't try. Very strange. I also don't get any splash- screens before and after the hibernate. I thought that was included in tuxonice?)