Username Okay - Password BAD
April 05, 2009 01:16AM
So, I just dontated and got my copy of Elive, i wanted to check it out so I loaded it into VMWare Workstation before installing on my machine. Went throught the install okay and entered my username and password and it states that my password is incorrect, tried several times and still no go. I tried the root username and password (same password as my user account) and still no go. Tried with caps on and off to make sure-still nothing. I though I horribly entered the wrong stuff during the install so I reinstall the whole thing and I sitll have the same issue. Please help.
Re: Username Okay - Password BAD
April 05, 2009 02:51AM
I got it working, i installed with ext3 and used a plain text password instead of a password with numbers and characters in it.