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[HELP!]How to restore default theme?

Posted by Nic01 
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[HELP!]How to restore default theme?
April 14, 2009 01:34PM
Hey guys,

just installed latest elive compiz and updated.Right after that,i changed theme and i got a notification that a module could not be loaded and was prompted to unload it ,so i clicked yes. That s how i lost the main task bar,i think named i-task ,located down center on screen and the network signal icon located on right.Also all windows don t have any buttons on top right side and cannot be closed nor moved by mouse.Tried everything byt since i m a new user had no success.So, any thoughts about the magic here?

Thanks and ....keep up with the good work!

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Re: [HELP!]How to restore default theme?
April 15, 2009 03:47AM
hi Nic

right-clicking on the desktop, >settings, >settings panel
will give you access to most of what you're referring to
enlightenment does take a little practice to get used to
the taskbar and the network-connector icon are both on "shelves". you might try playing around with the shelves, modules, and gadgets to see what does what
you'll see the "theme" setting there also