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How to break 1.9.24

Posted by craigusoz 
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How to break 1.9.24
April 22, 2009 09:07PM
without trying ...

1) Install to HD, choosing jfs for /

2) Reboot from the system entry in the E17 menu.

That's all folks - it's broken now because the jfs file system now mounts read only.

If you wait long enough on reboot, eventually you can log in as root in text mode and do
fsck.jfs -a -f /dev/sda(whatever)
which will fix it.

This is exceptionally silly and needs to be fixed.

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Re: How to break 1.9.24
July 10, 2009 04:11AM
You are right, this is silly, unfortunately it has never happened to me, can you tell me how I can reproduce it ? by just installing elive with / as JFS and reboot from e17 entry i should reproduce it ?

Can you confirm that this bug still happen on a recent version of Elive ?

Please comment on the report ticket better, instead of this forum thread: [bugs.elivecd.org]
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