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HP Compaq 6715s

Posted by hvc123 
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HP Compaq 6715s
June 06, 2009 06:55PM
HI all

i have this laptop and have installed elive on it. the only problem i have so far is its unberingly slow boot time.
once it is booted its fine. i thinnk its because of the MP-BIOS BUG or something that i got with other distros. i have tried the noapic (thats how i got the installer to work) but in the installed enviroment it doesnt make a difference. can any1 help

Re: HP Compaq 6715s
June 06, 2009 07:23PM
ok this is what i have as kernel options to make my laptop boot otherwise it takes an age
noapic noacpi nohz=off
what are the problems off having these kernel options ?

Re: HP Compaq 6715s
June 06, 2009 08:31PM
Okay, I've read about that BIOS bug.

What Version of Elive are you using?

How about a BIOS upgrade?


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Re: HP Compaq 6715s
June 06, 2009 11:44PM
the latest unstable.

i can live with the noapic. i have a ati1250 on board is there a way i can get fglrx working? i have tried to get it going but now my x is busted. i changed the driver back to ati or vesa and it still does not boot.
im gutted as this is a kool distro