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Posted by MEETmou 
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June 09, 2009 04:54AM

My name is Sven and Im new to Elive! Im a Debianuser for many years now and have several questions which I would have wished to be appeared in the FAQ ._.

1. On which Debianbuild is this build? Stable, Testing or Unstable?

2. Are debian-repos working on Elive as they do in debian? And if they dont: Can I check which packages are in the elive-repo?

3. Is there some kind of official IRC-Channel or so?

4. I think I have no problem to pay for a good product and I really would BUT one of the greatest thins on OSS is that you can TEST things before you donate (: I saw that the LiveCD of Testing is free and I would have taken the testing-tree anyway but is it also possible to first install it and test it. Because I would be sad if I had paid for a debian-port that doesnt fully work on my two machines.. And testing this includes a full install

5. Do I have to protect the iso-images very well or do I recieve somekind of userid after i donated you? What I mean is: can I download eLive multiply times after ONE donation? Im student and even 10 euros are a lot for me.. But Im also software-developer and so I now that hard work SHOULD be donated (:

Hope Im not already stepping on your nervs xD

Greets from germany (:

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Re: NewbieQuestions
June 09, 2009 05:59AM
Hallo MEETmou!

Was du nicht alles wissen willst... und das alles auf einmal!
Da bekommt man ja nen Schreibkrampf.

Guck doch mal unter irc.freenode.net bei #elive, #elive-compiz oder #elive-dev vorbei.

Elive benutzt Debian Repos.
Und die derzeit stabile Version von Elive "GEM" ist zwar sehr stabil, aber veraltet. Nimm die neueste Dev-version.