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updating install - keeping home- partition?

Posted by nipsen 
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updating install - keeping home- partition?
June 27, 2009 11:12AM
Ok.. so with the usual stream of luck I tend to have, somehow the syslog filled my root-partition, and for some reason I couldn't log on any more. I.e, the feed for the input- strings weren't read. And before that, all the keys wouldn't respond on the console for the same reason. But hey.. I had an update on an usb- stick, so I thought I could do the update I've been putting off, for fear of trashing my system again.

So things work fine. The installer tells me there's an old version. I add the root- partition, and continue the install. The home- partition, though, is still there, but not recognized by the system.

Any ideas? Should I manually add that partition as /home early in the install - or will that just wipe it? Should it be recognized automatically..?