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Inconsistent Filesystem Structure

Posted by valenticz 
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Inconsistent Filesystem Structure
July 13, 2009 11:39PM

I'm using primarily Elive development version 1.9.31 along with XPs and another linux distribution. A problem is frequently appearing when trying to boot other two distributions from grub, with a message saying 'Inconsistent Filesystem Structure' right after selecting OS and pressing enter in grub. Even memory test wouldn't start. So, only bootable OS is Elive. Also, grub is taking four times longer to show the menu. From my point of view it seems Elive is unable to deal with partitions, because i have never had this problems before with other distros.

In the past it helped checking partitions with gparted, but that doesn't work anymore.

Why is it happening? Is this already known bug? Any help would be appreciated.