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EEE PC 701 install issues

Posted by gasha 
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EEE PC 701 install issues
July 14, 2009 07:28AM
Hi all,
just got first experiences with latest development version 1.9.33 on EEE PC (701)
1) X configuration is not working, i saw error message about parsing error? Graphical GUI not starting.
Workaround is to switch another console, "X -configure" and then replace xorg.conf

2) another issue is "mkfs.reiserfs" is ALWAYS run to format filesystems, no matter which filesystem type specified.
right now im thinking to manually recreate root fs (backup/restore) to JFS or XFS.

3) i think reiserfs install is not very useable right now, as (/) is ALWAYS not clean after reboot, and journal replay of 925 or something entries takes significant time... 1-2 minutes.
With default Xandros install i will be reading my Gmail already emosmile

Otherwise i'm happy to use Enlightenment and Debian on my EEE, as it was my target to make such install for more than one year. Will report more bugs soon emosmile
Re: EEE PC 701 install issues
September 20, 2009 11:06PM
At least the problem (2) should be actually solved, please can you try a recent development version to see if everything is OK now ?