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Mouse speed

Posted by devnull82 
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Mouse speed
July 23, 2009 02:17AM
Hi all!

Sorry for the question but I really don't find where to go:
On my elive mouse moves really slow.
Where do I have to go to set mouse speed?

I can find nothing about mouse configuration in epanel

Re: Mouse speed
July 23, 2009 06:16AM
Hello devnull82 , since:

MainMenu > Preferences > Entry , Mouse Options nod

Greetings and welcome.

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Re: Mouse speed
July 23, 2009 06:37PM
That's the problem!
I don't have such options... weird

Do you know how to call that preference panel from bash?
Or, better, how to add "Entry" and submenus to my menu?

On preferences I have:
- ADSL/PPPOE Configuration
- Archive Manager
- Bluetooth Analyser
- Brasero Disc Burning
- Elpanel
- ETK Configuration
- GTK Theme Switcher
- Manage printer jobs
- Wine configuration
- Wine uninstaller
- Xscreensaver setup

Thanks again!

I made 2 installation on two different notebooks in Italian.. is it possible the problem is with Italian installation? Now i changed language to English to be sure the menu is the same and still don't have "Entry" submenu.

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Re: Mouse speed
July 23, 2009 09:00PM

What is your version of Elive ? Gem or dev ?
Re: Mouse speed
July 23, 2009 09:07PM
Re: Mouse speed
July 23, 2009 09:51PM
Please look here:


Perhaps in English it is called "Enlightenment Configuration" confused


PD: Screenshot by version "Elive 1.9.37"

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Re: Mouse speed
July 25, 2009 01:31AM
what about the mouse wheel ??
I d like to increase the amount a scrolling steps because right now it s too loog too get at the bottom of a web pag