How to pls
September 04, 2009 08:42AM
Hello all. Elive is just great and I have moved from Window$ to Elive 1.9.31. (later versions are not successful)
How do I get the live cd Entrance sounds (music and voice singing "Ee-live") on my installed version again? (not too technical pls)
Also, my ntp is not reporting time and dates consistently. It keeps reverting to New York time/date? when I live in Australia. I have updated ntp and ntp-date and the gui for setting dates but it keeps reverting to default.
For my desktop theme I have selected the beautiful 'Sky' theme. But I cannot change the clock from the selections. It does not like to change and insists on staying with the Sky theme clock.
1.9.31 works well IF I do not do any upgrades from Synaptics. I have found out the hard way by trying to upgrade and then having to re-instal Elive several times. I do not do any upgrades now. ("if it works, do not touch it!" Hey....sounds like Window$!) Take this as a warning for anyone trying to do 'upgrades' from Synaptics.
Last - why does Elive come out with regular 'Development updates' instead of 6 monthly 'Stable versions' that we REALLY NEED! Can this be a goal for Elive developers? For regular users (those not always tinkering with code and features) this would put Elive at the top of Linux distributions! I would pay for a good, reliable Elive distro!