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I can't make the install to HDD

Posted by dytter28 
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I can't make the install to HDD
October 29, 2009 02:36PM
I downloaded the latest version, 1.9.51, but I can't seem to install it. The CD boots fine, then I begin the install. Elive tells me that it must download a file ("installer_module"), which it does, and the install seems to begin. Unfortunately, after checking the CD's data and partioning the HD, Elive gives me an error message saying (again) that it needs that file. This message says to me to download the "installer_module" to an USB stick and install it myself but it's an mpeg4 file and I don't know how to install it and where.

Does anyone have suggestions? Many thanks
Re: I can't make the install to HDD
October 29, 2009 07:33PM

That sounds like a installer-problem.
Try this:
- Boot the CD.
- Connect your System to the internet.
- Open a Terminal.
- In that Terminal type: "su" and hit Enter. - now you are Root!
- Now type in: "apt-get update && apt-get install eliveinstaller-4g" and hit enter. - that makes the System install latest! Installer-version.

That might take a minute.
-When it's finished type in "eliveinstaller" (dont forget to hit Enter after). That will start the installer as you already know it, but it will also show it's Actions in the Terminal!

Have fun!

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Re: I can't make the install to HDD
October 30, 2009 02:30AM
thank u very much AlexAnteMachina for your fast answer.
But the problem is I'm not at home and I can't plug my nettop on the web. I have the "installer_module" on my stick and
I would like a method for do the install from this way .

(please excuse me for my english, I'm a french penguin)
Re: I can't make the install to HDD
October 31, 2009 10:10AM
My problem is that I can only successfully install 1.9.31. I have tried most later versions. With 1.9.50 it will install but when I start up it scrolls through progressive mem addresses (I think) trying in vain to locate something. This goes on indefinitely till I finally stop it. And then I have to go to all the trouble of reinstalling 1.9.31 again. :(
I REALLY want latest version becos 1.9.31 has its own problems too. I'm determined to make this Elive work for me. Wish Elive had the same motto as Mepis "It simply works". !
Also, there is no way I can get Compiz or ecomorph to function, not even with OpenGEU distro. I have a desktop, 2Gb Ram, Dualcore pentium D running both at 3000Kb/sec, 360Gb HDD with a 1Tb ext HDD (for my data), GeForce 256 Mb Graphix card, and DSL internet. Also have builtin Winmodem, which does not want to work with Elive and eFax proggy. (martian drivers dont work and I think I need other driver)
Would love some help with this as this may help may other Elive users in the process.
Perhaps Thana can help? Or anyone? Thnx.

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Procesor: Pentium-D, dual-core, 3000Khz each
2GB RAM DDR 400mhz,
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500,256MB,AGP 8X,
Winmodem and ext DSL modem, VOiP Linksys SP3102
Ext 1Tb usb HDD
Elive 1.9.31
Re: I can't make the install to HDD
October 31, 2009 10:18PM
Hi dytter28!

Just copy the installer-module to the /etc/elive Folder.

That's should solve your Problem.


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