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Compose key doesn't seem to work

Posted by brunod 
Compose key doesn't seem to work
November 19, 2009 03:08AM
I 'm new to Elive running installed on hd. My main purpose is to run dtp software in french langage. So i need special caracter (ligature) i get on other distro (Ubuntu, Debian) with compose key.
I want to set the compose key to lwin key.
I've found in elpanel, user configure, keyboard, the way to set the keyboard and compose key. But it seems my settings are lost everytime.
Is there a bug or a way to turn around ? (Hard coded from console to a config file...)
Thanks and congratulation for the great job !
Re: Compose key doesn't seem to work
November 22, 2009 02:20AM
The console part of the problem is solved : used "dpkg-reconfigure console-setup" as root and used fixed fonts, confirm lwin as compose key.
Still have to find solution for X...
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