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Problem with menus

Posted by christoxl 
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Problem with menus
December 01, 2009 05:51AM
Hi all,

first thanks for such a wonderful OS that it's Elive, my problem I've removed amsn from elive and installed emesene instead, the problem is that Elive didn't create an emesene launcher in Applications menu and always have to initiate emesene from terminal, would like to have a launcher in apps menu and also in dock, is there a way to add it?

I'm using Elive Gem 1.0 with lenny repositories.

Thanks in advance
Re: Problem with menus
December 01, 2009 07:31PM

In the Application menu you can add a new application. Create an application with the name "emesene" and enter the command to launch it. After you can add this new application in the dock.