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(SOLVED!) - ibar disappeared

Posted by player 
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(SOLVED!) - ibar disappeared
December 27, 2009 01:06AM
After testing some e17 themes, and after an automatic system update, all I can see from the ibar now is the title of the apps when passing the mouse over them. This is totally black, no icons. All themes do this. I tried original theme with original icons. I also looked at the ibar options, every thing unhided or on top of desktop. I reloaded the system, enlightenment, deleted ibar and replaced it. It can show the background box when this option is selected, but no icons.

RESOLVED : I reloaded original theme and it finally reappeared. Strange

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Re: ibar disappeared (resolved)
January 04, 2010 04:22AM
Just to know: Did you tried to play with the "upper & under" feature? Because I had same problem once and was coming from there...

Hope it helps...

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