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Haw to change language?

Posted by bravo8 
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Haw to change language?
December 29, 2009 10:49PM
Sorry for my language, I'm Polish . I have a problem with last version Elive. I installed Elive 1.9.54. I chosed polish language but after update, system back to english. I don't know how back to polish.
I changed Settings Panel=>Language=>Language Configuration on polish, but system again back to english. I don't what to do.

Thanks for help.

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Re: Haw to change language?
January 04, 2010 04:20AM
If it is just the desktop language/keyboard, maybe you can try the new modules for Enlightenment called "emodule-langconf" and "emodule-language" available from apt/synaptic? (then you have to activate them in the module panel, then configure them in config panel under "features")
For the whole system i'm not sure but I remember there's something for that in the nurse mode; just try to boot on it maybe?

Hope it helps... Ciao @+


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