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How to add more diverse repositories?

Posted by bandario 
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How to add more diverse repositories?
April 06, 2010 09:27PM
Hi guys- seems there are some tumbleweeds in this forum. I hope the measly 15 dollar charge isn't keeping too much of the user base away from this potentially great distro.

I have another stupid question which I have not been able to solve myself after wasting many many hours.

The situation is this: I have elive running quite happily on an eeepc 1000H.

There is a bunch of linux software which is available as .deb files (lets use eee-control as an example) but every time I try to install it I find that the dependencies are not available. python-conf etc.

I have managed to ad the debian lenny backports repo and authorise the key etc but I am still missing a load of my useful programs.

Any help how to load some more expansive repos? It is on my head be it if I stuff up the system...I have no plans of pushing the upgrade button.
Re: How to add more diverse repositories?
June 09, 2010 08:04AM
The issue you are having is down to Debian Lenny not being widely supported unlike Etch and Squeeze.

The best way to install missing software is via source-code and not the deb files or repos. Using source means the program is configured to your system before compiling and installing

you may also want to add the debian multimedia repos to you Elive. You can get them from


You should also know that you can not install the most up to date software a lot of the time even via source. For instance because of the out of date issues with Debian I could only install Banshee 1.54 though the latest version is 1.6 somthing