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Posted by Epiphone 
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May 04, 2010 11:16PM

Got some installation problems.

Downloaded the newest stable with the new kernel.

Then i choose language ,Elive normal ,window about big ram ,next window click ok to install Elive ,select resolution, graphics driver ,wlan driver.
A window called graphical system finished.

The options are restart or configure graphical system ,boot login console , install Elive ,reboot and shut down.

But when i press install Elive it says this is only a demo of the Elive system to get full experience press rightmost button to install.
The only button is the ok button which brings me back to the previous window.
Re: Installation
May 05, 2010 06:34PM

You should not choose any "install" option during the bootprocess.
Just boot the liveCD to the e17 Desktop.
Then make sure your system is online and start the installer.
This is the Installer's Icon: :eliveinstaller:

Have Fun!


Elive für Einsteiger: [sites.google.com]