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Wallpaper freezes Topaz

Posted by Vincente 
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Wallpaper freezes Topaz
May 24, 2010 07:09AM
One of the things I like about Elive is slideshow which allows me to rotate my many favorite wallpapers on my display. I have about 40-50. After loading about 20, as I tried to add more whenever I select wallpaper from the menu, it does not complete (by that I mean it does not show the installed wallpapers in the left column, the left column is blank and then freezes Topaz? I cannot get out other than by a hard shutdown which I do not like to do as I understand not good for system.

I cannot find anything on slideshow, I wonder if it is limited to the amount of data it can contain and once it reaches whatever that limit is, it just crashes. On previous versions of Elive, Gem, E17-compiz, I did not have this problem and could load far more wallpapers. I have submitted this as a bug, but possibly someone has the answer as it takes a long time for anything to get resolved thru bug. Thanks in advance for any help