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is Ureadahead working with elive Topas

Posted by emka 
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is Ureadahead working with elive Topas
July 11, 2010 02:38AM
Hi Elivees,
I was changing recently from an Ubuntu System to elive Topas und would like to use ureadahead with Elive too.
But since there's no possibilty to install it with the lenny/elive repo's, i don't dare to do it.

Is Ureadahead working with elive to and which repo's should i use ?

By the Way:
How's Elive reacting to sid's repositories ?

Greetings, eMKa
Re: is Ureadahead working with elive Topas
July 11, 2010 07:51PM

You can use the ubuntu repo to install ureadhead but just for it, remove the repo to be sure to don't "break" your elive system.
Elive reacts good to sid repo.
Re: is Ureadahead working with elive Topas
July 20, 2010 09:53PM
Derre Lork, Hi to all others,

I tried ureadahead by using the ubuntu repositories.

A good advice to all thinking of trying it:


'cause of lenny's old Kernel-System, installing ureadahead tries also to install the dependent newer kernel system of ubuntu's lynx - leading to a totally CRASH of my elive-System ...

Now I'm back on Ubuntu with an e17/entrance-Windowmanager, almost the same optic, but technically up-to-date.

Sorry for eLive, but I'm out...